Re: do_who problem/legend system/GET_LEVEL(tch)

From: Sam Moggach (
Date: 01/20/02

>Ok the problem is the %2s and
>        "LEG" : GET_LEVEL(tch)),
>When I compile it the error I get is:
>act.informative.c:1278: warning: pointer/integer type mismatch in
>conditional expressiion

There should be no problem with your %2s. The problem is whe it compares the
level of the character to the level of the legend, so where it says
GET_LEVEL(tch) >= LVL_LEGEND i think either LVL_LEGEND is defined as a
pointer, defined once, and then declared a variable, or tch is messed up

A proposition for a solution to this problem, and maybe to make your mud
look better, is to seperate your Who into 3 parts, the mortals part, the
legends part, and the immortals part. You can do this by creating 3
different buffers, adding  the characters to them, and displaying them

- Micken

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