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Date: 01/20/02

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From: "Thomas Larsson" <aarcerak@ROCKETMAIL.COM>

> Hi all, im new on this list.
I guessed :P

> I have this odd thing with the meta shop code that
> gives me some problems.
When having problems with a snippet, patch, etc, please contact the
author of the snippet first. THEN contact us all.

> The code it self works great, and it all compiles
> great. But when someone meta str, wis, int, dex, con
> and cha, they get the new stat, but when they type
> save there stats return back to normal. But when i use
> the set command there stat will remain what i set it
> to, up to 25, even when they save. Anyone able to tell
> me whats going on.

You're setting GET_STR(ch). You _should_ be setting (ch)->real_abils.str

> ------------------
> Does anyone have a fireshield spell they could share
> with me ?

Have you checked the ftp site ? And the list archives ?
> ------------------
> Also anyone able to tell me how to use the debug in
> visual C++ 5.0 ? If i add colors to my prompt the mud
> crashes, the compile works fine and when i login the
> colors show up as they should, but the minut i do
> something the mud crashes. When i remove the colors
> again the mud is fine again.

Sorry, msvc isn't my strong side.


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