Deleting Characters

From: Bejhan Jetha (nhlstar6@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 01/20/02

Okay I'll tell you what I did first then what went wrong.

Okay I installed the snippet, which is wiz command players which gives you
a list of players on your MUD.
Okay this is what I did:
On my MUD I typed set file laudica delete on

When I did this I got the response:

Deleted ON for Laudica.
Saved in file.

I saw no problem with this and proceeded to the purgeplay.exe file. Once it
was opened I typed:

bin/purgeplay lib/etc/players

When I did this I got the response:

   1. Drendor              Never entered game
   2. Laudica              Deleted flag set

Now my problem:

Once this was done I rebooted the MUD.
When it booted back up I typed the name "Drendor" in the login, expecting
the new character message to come up, though to my surprise it asked for a
I then logged in as my implementor character and typed players, and I found
that to my dismay Laudica and Drendor were still on this list.
I also then tried whois Laucida and it came up with the response:

Level 2 Mu - Laudica the Apprentice of Magic

I then tried whois Drendor and it came up with the response:

Level 0 Mu - Drendor the Man

Now I was wondering if anyone knew what I was doing wrong.

-Bejhan Jetha

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