Re: Windows 2000 server

From: Sean Holt (
Date: 01/21/02

On Monday, January 21, 2002, at 05:41 PM, Thomas Larsson wrote:

> ANyone ever had problems running a mud on a win 2000
> server ?
Well, first of all it is a Microsoft of course there's
going to be problems. Secondly, CircleMUD was never REALLY intended to
be compiled/run in a Windows system. Recently, people have been
requesting more and more support for Windows so the developers have been
trying to get windows support in. So, basically it's a WIP (work in
progress).  There are still bugs in this.

> When i have none of the above installed, it still
> crashes not so often though with a memory error:
> The instruction at "0x0046b9c0" referenced memory at
> "0x00000005".

This is an invalid memory address, usually caused by free()'ing a
pointer two or more times.  When referencing a "bug" you should give a
little more information. Such as the code involved with the crash, as
well as the actual GDB (or your chosen debugger) crash output.  Without
this information we can only give you a basic idea of why it's crashing.

You should also consult the list archives. There's been ALOT of
discussion about running CircleMUD on a windows machine. I'm not sure,
but chances are your problem has been discussed in a previous topic.


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