Re: Thought on a level-less and class-less system

From: Cheron (cheron@ARCANEREALMS.ORG)
Date: 01/21/02

>ObCircle: If anyone is interested in how we at Arcane Realms handled
>level-less/class-less user rights and master command list and so forth and
>so on, let us know, and perhaps Cheron can whip together some snippets.

I'm so glad he asks me about this stuff before he goes and says I'll do
it :)  If you're interested, I'll be glad to show you around how we've got
things handled currently.

But it's not completely done yet, I'm still working on it.  Hence, why
there's no patch yet.  That, and we're doing a million other things at once
that's gonna make it a pain to *get* a clean patch for it.  But, yes, I
will do my best to whip up ... something ...

Of course, using MySQL as our method of storage isn't gonna help make a
patch any easier... *peers at Artovil*

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