Re: [CODE]jail/spec_proc

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 01/23/02

Some of this I'll address in direct mail, since it's more of a C coding
issue than a Circle issue....

> Ok, I solved the problem.  I relocated the strcmp(arg, "Hall of
> ==0) along with that whole if statement to act.comm.c (do_tell) and it
> works for only the word hall of records...

Even though it works, I would recommend against this solution.  First,
you will needlessly parse all tells instead of just the ones to the
jailor, and second, now a "tell" to anyone in the game will cause the
player to be affected, instead of just a single mob.

The real solution is a matter of intelligently parsing the arguments to
"tell".  My example was rather simplified, and probably not what I would
actually implement if I were putting a lot of thought into it.  (In
other words, it was Mailer(tm) code).


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