Re: Wizlist Max Chars (Or Something)

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 01/24/02

On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Bejhan Jetha wrote:

> On Wizlist I run out of max chars some how, is there a way i can increase
> the max number?

I'm a bit curious about why you have 8KiB[1] of text in your wizlist.
Even if you had solid blocks of text, each 79 characters long, you'd have
room for about 103 lines.  Perhaps you're overdoing it on colors or have
way too many immortals?  :)

The quickest solution is to increase MAX_STRING_LENGTH (in structs.h), but
before you do so you should ensure that it's necessary/desirable.

> Also is there a way I can take out the
> [ Return to continue, (q)uit, (r)efresh, (b)ack, or page number (1/2) ]
> and just have them press enter on certain things?

Of course!  Try it -- it's a very easy project for beginners, though
somewhat hazardous because it requires you to change some internals.
There are four things you need to do:

  1) The <struct descriptor_data> type; add a bool to indicate if they're
     in plain paging mode.
  2) modify.c:page_string() to accept a bool to indicate whether plain
     paging should be used and set the <struct descriptor_data> field
     that indicates plain paging mode.
  3) modify.c:show_string() to ignore everything but ENTER when in plain
     paging mode (this really just requires you to enclose the entire
     input processing if block with a check to see if plain paging is
  4) comm.c:make_prompt() to display a different prompt when plain paging
     is on.

These constitute about 6 lines of code.  It's recommended that you rename
page_string() to x_page_string() (be sure to change its prototype in
comm.h, too) and then, in comm.h, add:

  #define page_string(d,s,k)       x_page_string((d),(s),(k),FALSE)
  #define plain_page_string(d,s,k) x_page_string((d),(s),(k),TRUE)

assuming that your fourth argument to x_page_string() is the bool to
indicate whether plain paging should be used.  Then, to have something
plain paged (e.g., just allow them to scroll forward through it with
ENTER), you replace the page_string() call with plain_page_string() -- the
arguments remain the same.


[1] Kibibyte.  See

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