[Newbie][Code] Opening doors/objects message.

From: Abraham Dizon (soldier2003@hotmail.com)
Date: 01/26/02

Hi all. Okay I wanted to doing something different now after just adding my
New Autoexit Code, which can be found in the command section after autoexit
#5 at circlemud.org. [Okay now the problem.] You know the message displayed
when you unlock, lock, close, and open a door or an object right? Like for
unlocking and locking something it says *Click* and for opening or closing
something it says "Okay". I wanted to change these messages to something
else. For instance, if your opening a chest(container), I want it to say
this: You open a chest.
This is what I did in act.movement.c:

  case SCMD_OPEN:
    OPEN_DOOR(IN_ROOM(ch), obj, door);
    if (back)
       if (!REVERSE_IS_OPEN(other_room, obj, rev_dir[door]))
          OPEN_DOOR(other_room, obj, rev_dir[door]);
    send_to_char("You open the \r\n", ch);
    strcpy(buf, "$n opens ");

When I booted up the MUD and tried opening a door. It just says:
You open the . And if someone was there while I opened the door, it
says, Hero opens . So how do I correct it to say that I opened the
door. Also how do I make it say that I opened a chest or something. I tried
this on SCMD_CLOSE, SCMD_LOCK, and SCMD_UNLOCK. But still
was no luck. Any help is welcome. Thanks.

- Hero

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