Re: [CODE] confused on:

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/26/02

> >What does the argv[#] command do?
> >What does the argc    command do?
> argv[] and argc are not commands, they are variables passed to a program's
> (any program, not just circlemud) main() routine by the operating system's
> shell. argc is the number of command line arguments typed, and argv[] is an
> array holding all the arguments.

        I don't mean to be terribly rude here, but I feel inclined to
point out that this is something that you should already know BEFORE you
muck around with the code.

        I think your foresight is admirable, locating something new and
wanting to know what it is/does, but I think you will find your greatest
gains by learning how to program, before you attempt something that is as
complicated as CircleMUD.


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