[Newbie][Code] Opening/Closing doors/objects messages

From: Abraham Dizon (soldier2003@hotmail.com)
Date: 01/27/02

Josh I tried your code out for it but it doesn't work out good... Sorry my
bad heh. The strcpy doesn't need to be sent to the room hehe. I'm trying to
have the message send to the character saying that he opened the door. Ex:
Like if I wanted to open the door east I want it to say this:

You open the door.

This is what I did.

  case SCMD_OPEN:
    OPEN_DOOR(IN_ROOM(ch), obj, door);
    if (back)
       if (!REVERSE_IS_OPEN(other_room, obj, rev_dir[door]))
          OPEN_DOOR(other_room, obj, rev_dir[door]);
    send_to_char("You open the \r\n", ch);

I don't know what to put in send_to_char("You open the \r\n", ch);
I'm having a hard time figuring it out. It also applies to the containers
too. The code. Cause if I type open crate I want it to say:

You open the crate or You open a crate.

BTW does anyone have a who snippet that divides the immortals from the
mortals like this:

Listing of the Immortals:
[34 Wa] Hero the Implementor

Listing of the Mortals:
[ 13 Hum] Holy Savior Heron

There is 1 visible immortal and there is 1 visible player.
There is a boot time high of 3 players.

Or something like that? If ya have it. Can I have a copy of it? The one on
circlemud.org is too hard to debug for me. Any help is welcome. Thanks.

- Hero

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