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Date: 01/29/02

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> I've seen part of this code here on the list, I apologize for not
> remembering of the top of my head who wrote the original code.  I can get
> the code to sac corpses, but I cannot get it to sac other things in a room
> or in my inventory. I know some of this may have been covered. I'm very
> to coding in C, most of my work has been done in VB.
> I'm running CircleMUD bpl18.
> Here is the code, any help would be greatly appreciated.
>     if (!IS_CORPSE(obj))
>     {
>  send_to_char("You can't sacrifice that!\n\r",ch);
>  return;
>     }
Remove these lines, as they prevent you from sacrifificing things
other than corpses. Also, since you've migrated to C from another
language, it might help you if you check out the Gnu C library at

Here you should be able to get an overview of the commands you're
dealing with.

Or a tutorial, even;
teach yourself C in 21 days


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