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Date: 01/31/02

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From: "Jimmie Tryon" <flamestar@GMX.NET>

> Here is a description of the item trigger, following all the steps...
> 1. This is an item script.
> 2. The sword will damage the user by 80%, and curse them, if their
> alignment is not good.  Also, remove the sword from their possession.  If
> they are of good ethos, no affect takes place.
> I am not that experienced with the dg scripting language.  Examples,
> Documentation, Assistance, are definitely useful right now.
> Any help on this is greatly appreciated!

For documentation I'd humbly recommend you check out my webpages, as they
are dedicated to the use of the dg script language. So check out

About the actual trigger;
I'd recommend you make a WEAR type trigger for the object.
then have a script like this (mailer code):

if %actor.align%<360
  %send% %actor% The sword repels you!
  dg_cast 'curse' %actor%
  eval dam %actor.maxhit%*8/10
  %damage% %actor% %dam%


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