[SYSTEM-LINUX] Finding Memory Leaks : Help please.

From: Justin Adler (spam@WORLD-DOMINATION.COM.AU)
Date: 01/31/02

Hello All.

   I'm trying to track down some memory leaks the mud i'm coding has.

   Yes, it's fair to say that if the game is crashing, then unroll the last

   Downside is, i've been programming the game for around 5 years now
(yes .. starting from bp11 i think?) and the game could be stable for a day
or two then randomly crash. sometimes a week then crash. And's it's always
a random part of the code (gdb core).  So i cannot unroll 5 years worth of

   So last night i grabbed MemProf and tried that. Wow. lots of 1k memory
leaks and a score of 20k memory leaks.  I left the game run all night with
a simple BOT running around. The game crashed 8 hours later ...

   But the program didn't say ~what~ made the error (what part of the code,
etc).  If i run the program in gdb / ddd then yes, i can find the part of
code the game crashed.  And yes, it's always random. So i'm assuming it's a
memory leak / memory overwriting something and effecting the game miles
down the track ...

   So my question is this ->  Has anyone tried tried using a Memory Leak
finding program with their circlemud code?

   If so, could someone please suggestion some programs, and HOW TO debug
with this?  Just like MemProf, I can get the mud running, and it shows some
numbers, etc, but i don't have any luck INTERPRETTING those numbers.

    Are there any special paramaters for the Makefile to make the program
show memory leaks, etc.

   Any Tutorials / HowTo's, etc would be most benefitial, both to myself
AND the CircleMud Community, mainly under the Coding.doc section i assume.

   A bonus would be some help / info about using MemProf + circlemud.

   Please, some help would be greatly appreciated.

   Regards - Justin.

P.S. Running MemProf + bp20 (i downloaded it last night) produced no memory
leaks at the end of bootup. [going to sleep mode]   :)
P.P.S I hope i have the correct SUBJECT HEADER. Wasn't sure if i should use
[ADMIN] or [CODE] or [NEWBIE] (or a mix of either!)

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