Re: Questions from a newbie

From: Chi Hue (
Date: 02/03/02

> >About the builder I am doing the building and I want
> >a program to assist me as I don't enjoy editing the
> >world files by hand in notepad

>   You want to patch in some form of olc (on-line creation).  Some people
> like oasis some don't, it's up to you.  It's quite possible that your
> mud already has it though.  And if not, you might be best off restarting
> (if you haven't got much done yet) with a source that already has
> oasis and dg_scripts in.

Just FYI I guess, If your new to circle, (or dg scripts by itself), I would
making sure that only lvl_imp can do dgscript commands, and making sure no
one but people who know how to, use these, because a bad script can make
your mud crash all the time (or not even boot up properly/at all). as for
olc...Oasis OLC is very good, but time consuming. I forget what godwars uses
for there OLC, but Im pretty sure there is a circle olc that is very close
to that (takes a little more learning, but faster). Also, if your runnign
your mud off a windows machine, DG scripts crash at a world call (havnt
figured out why yet, and only for windows, maybe XP only as well, but I
think its all windows, or at least all NT based).

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