Re: [C++] ostrstream vs. sprintf

From: George Greer (
Date: 02/06/02

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Henrik Stuart wrote:

>>> one disadvantage that I noticed was cases where you want to set the
>>> size of the parameter (i.e. %20s).
>   As far as I recall I have seen the %20s a few places in the code,
>   might just be misrememberance. :o)

$ egrep '%[0-9.]+' *.c | wc -l

I remember the first time I ever saw 'cout' after sprintf. I was (and still
am) very unimpressed. My biggest gripe with *printf() is when you have a
typedef that varies what it is in your format string.  The whole 'need a
big enough buffer' thing isn't so great but you can use snprintf() to work
around that because it tells you how much space it needs (unless you're
using GNU C library 2.0, ick).

George Greer

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