[ADMIN] My idea on handleing classes and new players

From: Zerin (dapiner@yahoo.com)
Date: 02/06/02

I have been thinking lately of beging a system of when
you log into the game, your only have your race and
no class.  When you reach level say 30, your are then
taken from the area you are in and put into the real
zones to play.  (The area you are in would be of
easy exp, cheap eq, etc.) Then you have to go and find
the guild you seek to join, talk with them and then
that is when you get class (maybe go on quests, etc)

Now, i've thought this over, and over, and over that
it would fun and differnt to do this method, but
I seem not able to think of an easy way for new
players to understand it.

I have came up with the following, but I'm not sure
as to this would fully cover an average new player:

- Create a spec for a tour guide of the new area so
that when they follow him he will show then around.
(Snippet for this, but i'd right my own)
- Create some sort of notice in nanny explaining how
the mud works
(This proably wouldn't be read =/)
- Help files
- Mobs with mobprogs to assist
- Mortals that have a flag (newbie assistor) who can
have the immortal commands do_stat for pcs and goto
but all commands copied and renamed to something else
so they don't get to power hungry.

Any ideas to help explain this system, or on the
system itself I would glady appreciate it =)

"The bard that could"

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