[Newbie][Help] 12.wld

From: Abraham Dizon (soldier2003@hotmail.com)
Date: 02/06/02

Okay I don't understand some stuff in 12.wld like this: (The ones with the

The Post Office Of The Gods~
   The Post Office Of The Gods is the same as most Post Offices except that
it is not as slow.  Even the Postal service knows not to anger the Gods.
Piles of junk mail line the walls.  I guess even Gods get on mailing lists.
The Immortal Board Room is to the east.
->12 d 0
->The Immortal Board Room is just to the east.
->0 -1 1204

What do those things mean? Especially the 0 -1 1204? Its because I need to
change them so how because I am adding in more exits. nw sw se ne.
Any help is welcome. Thanks

- Hero

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