[128bit] Some problems with the working of the patch.

From: Templar Viper (templarviper@hotmail.com)
Date: 02/07/02


A few days ago i've put in the 128bit patch from the developer site.
I adapted some of the world files by hand (I can't get perl scripts 
to work under windows) to get the mud too boot. However, I'm 
experiencing some problems. I find that if I turn on a prf-using 
command (which should set a prf-flag if I'm correct) , it does not 
work, and just appears as turned off. I am looking for the place 
where to fix this, so if anybody could give me a clue about where 
to find the bug, I would be gratious. I am developing an a windows 
98 machine with cygwin installed. The circlemud itself is version 
17, with dg_scripts installed. Thanks for the attention. 

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