[Code] Adding more exits and auto patching

From: Abraham Dizon (soldier2003@hotmail.com)
Date: 02/08/02

OS: Windows 95
Compiler: Cygwin
CircleMUD Version: Bundle18_b (Del's Bundle)

Hi everyone! Okay I got a problem. I am trying to add more exits to my MUD.
I reviewed Del's Bundle18_b, structs.h. It mentioned about additional exits.
(Ne, Se, Sw, Nw.) Its structs.h this is what it said:

* If you want to use the extra exits (more exits) then define the
* below should be changed to 1. Note, This is a one time setting.
* If you turn it on, it should never be turned off. I put it this
* way for those who just happen to not want those extra exits.
* There should never be any problems with turning this on, however
* once on, and world files changed to use the exits. Your mud
* may not boot until those files are fixed. Use at your OWN risk!

#define MORE_EXITS 0

I changed the #define MORE_EXITS 0 to #define MORE_EXITS 1. Now I recompiled
the MUD and got this error in act.informative.c:

In function `do_auto_exits':
/home/Maria Bonita/SphereMUD/src/act.informative.c:348: undefined reference
to `

act.informative.c: Line 348 is this:
slen += sprintf(buf, "%s%s ", buf, AEdirs[door]);

This is code it's in:

void do_auto_exits(struct char_data * ch)
  int door, slen = 0;

  *buf = '\0';

  for (door = 0; door < NUM_OF_DIRS; door++)
    if (EXIT(ch, door) && EXIT(ch, door)->to_room != NOWHERE &&
        !EXIT_FLAGGED(EXIT(ch, door), EX_CLOSED))
       slen += sprintf(buf, "%s%s ", buf, AEdirs[door]);
       slen += sprintf(buf + slen, "%c ", LOWER(*dirs[door]));

  sprintf(buf2, "%s[ Exits: %s]%s\r\n", CCCYN(ch, C_NRM),
          *buf ? buf : "None! ", CCNRM(ch, C_NRM));

  send_to_char(buf2, ch);

What do I do now? Also how do I patch a auto patch into my MUD?
I check the FAQ that comes with CircleMUD but it didn't help. I tried
patch -u ascii-clan2.0.patch didn't work the patch command isn't found.
Any help is welcomed. Thanks for your time.

- Hero

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