Vnum - rnum of mob obj room and zones

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Date: 02/09/02


This is a part of struct.h :
typedef sh_int room_vnum;  /* A room's vnum type.     */
typedef sh_int obj_vnum; /* An object's vnum type. */
typedef sh_int mob_vnum; /* A mob's vnum type.  */
typedef sh_int zone_vnum;  /* A virtual zone number. */
typedef sh_int shop_vnum;  /* A virtual shop number. */

typedef sh_int room_rnum;  /* A room's real (internal) number type */
typedef sh_int obj_rnum; /* An object's real (internal) num type */
typedef sh_int mob_rnum; /* A mobile's real (internal) num type */
typedef sh_int zone_rnum;  /* A zone's real (array index) number. */
typedef sh_int shop_rnum;  /* A shop's real (array index) number. */

I want use more than 32k number, so instead of "signed short int" I want to
use a long integer (for example).
But, it made a lot of problem when i compile the src.
So my question is : ( :)))
If using a long integer type is possible, how many changes do I have to do
to the src?
Or why it is not possible?



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