Re: OLC and Circle30bpl20

From: Zerin (
Date: 02/09/02

--- Bryan Donlan <> wrote:
> I've tried handpatching before, but I've always
> failed horribly.

and then:

(briefed)use prepatched bpl19(briefed)

Well, prepatched versions are usually good starts, but
I do suggest that you hand patch, or atleast learn
There are _very_ few times that you will be able to
patch new releases because of your edited code.  Hand
patching takes time, but it can be learned.  Notepad
is your bestest friend there.  Just use find to search
for the area of code you need to patch and then use
the + and - and ! to change your code.  I remember
I had a hard time at first (and I didn't have the
internet at that time when I first learned how to
code CircleMUD, just the source and some snippets
a friend got) but you can always try a litttle harder
then try a little harder from there, and so on till
you have it.

Keep your chin up, and never talk like you can't do
anything, and just give up.  Then again its my opion

"What is this speling you sepeak of?"

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