Re: receptionist actions

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/10/02

> Replying to myself: this is incorrect.  I assumed that when called by
> perform_violence(), the special procedure would have ch == FIGHTING(ch),
> but this is incorrect.  It's also unfortunate because it makes it
> impossible to differentiate between spec proc calls on mob and violence
> pulses.

        I'm easily confused, but, I thought there were only ever 2
triggers for spec procs; by command, or by pulse.  All pulse (whether
moving, or casting 'poison' or the sort) happen in the mobile_activities()
loop.  The 'violence' pulses don't trigger mob spec procs.

        Unless that changed.

        Either way, you can tell which is which because pulsed commands
will have ch == 'me', cmd is 0, and the argument is NULL.  Command
triggers have ch == person who triggered it (could be 'me', but unlikely),
a valid cmd, though having an argument or not is uncertain.

        I wrote something up a while ago, but I don't track changes very
well, so I'm not sure if it ever made it anywhere.  It was intended to
replace section 4 of the 'coding.doc' file, and act as a more complete
primer to using spec procs.  I'll give it a plug since I can't seem to
locate it on the ftp site...


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