Re: receptionist actions

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 02/10/02

On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Patrick Dughi wrote:

> Either way, you can tell which is which because pulsed commands will
> have ch == 'me', cmd is 0, and the argument is NULL.  Command triggers
> have ch == person who triggered it (could be 'me', but unlikely), a
> valid cmd, though having an argument or not is uncertain.

Special procedures are invoked by perform_violence() since, essentially,
3.0's inception.  You can see the call in 3.0bpl4's perform_violence()
function.  It has also, unfortunately, always had the same call semantics
as the mobile_activity() invocations, which is what I'm intending to

By changing the call semantics to differentiate between PULSE_MOBILE and
PULSE_VIOLENCE invocations, we cover a slight hole in spec procs.  Some
special procedures will have to change because of this.  Particularly, the
violent behavior spec procs like magic_user(), which rely on ch being the
mobile on which the spec proc is running.

Given the new semantics, I believe the following are definitive checks for
the possible situations:

  struct char_data *mob = me;
  if (cmd)                   /* Invoked by a command.      */ ;
  if (ch == mob)             /* Invoked by PULSE_MOBILE.   */ ;
  if (ch == FIGHTING(mob))   /* Invoked by PULSE_VIOLENCE. */ ;


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