[CODE] XapOBJS v.1.2 + bpl17

From: .. incith .. (incith@telusplanet.net)
Date: 02/14/02

I recently began to re-code CircleMUD, beta patch-level 17.

First thing I added was OLC, which went fine. Then Ascii Pfiles, and
soon on to DG-Scripts + Assemblies PL7a. After that, I wanted to put in

I fixed all the rej files, and soon fixed the objconv for ascii pfiles.

Before enabling ascii object files, I tested the binary objects. They
worked fine. I ran the objconv, which also worked fine, enabled int
xap_objs in db.c, added -x to my autorun, and booted the MUD. No
problems. I log in, and all my equipment is gone. All of it. Not on the
ground, not in my inventory, not puked anywhere, it's simply gone.

I spent two hours going through the mailing list for the past 3 years,
and I found one post regarding this. I -think- it was Del who posted
this exact same problem, but nobody responded with a solution.

So I ask, has anyone had this problem? I give myself equipment, I save,
I quit, I log back in, and it's gone.

After I save, it is writing a .new file in the plrobjs directory, in
ascii format. If I turn off xapobjs, it writes the binary one just fine,
if I run objconv, it converts the binary into ascii, in a .new file


[incith / incith@telusplanet.net]

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