Re: Removing the practice system

From: Karl Buchner (
Date: 02/18/02

>Normaly, after
>you practice you finish building your skills out >on the field but I can't
>find the code for the on the field progression.

Actually, as far as I know, in stock circlemud,
there is no field must practice
all the way up.  Whatever MUD you saw it on must
have added is not part of circle.  My
way to do it would be a
skill_success(struct char_data *ch, int skill);
function, that is placed in various places
(do_cast, all skill commands, passive skill code,
and has a chance of increasing the character's skill level.

Then, in the guild master spec proc, make it so
when a character practices a skill, it is set to
1%, and he can't add any more to it.

Or, you could remove practices entirely, and
make it default to 1% whenever the character
can use the ability.


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