Re: number()

From: Surgeon (
Date: 02/18/02

>i'm having problems with the number() function. I cannot figure out how to
make it generate a random number each time it is called.


Not 100% sure as to exactly what "outside" function you are hoping to call
and or have created, however..  Try using rand().

>i am making a small rpg in win32 API, and i have a button that rerolls your
stats, but every time you press it.


It's been awhile since I worked on the windows side of things, anyhow,
upon the programming language you are using you will have to assign a
that randomly generates new data each time your random related
is called.  For example I would use: RANDOMIZE, as a part of a visual basic
and use 'rnd' as my means of generating the random data..  Without RANDOMIZE
the data would remain the same despite how many clicks one was to use.  I
looking up the documentation in reference to the programming language you
are using
and or try a search engine in regards to a specific command that will assist
you in
generating random data in your programming environment.

All the best,

        Bill Zaparanuik

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