From: Kevin Dethlefs (Demortes@msn.com)
Date: 02/21/02

In DG Scripts, actor.name will refer to someone who is not doing the action
needed in the script. I will copy and paste the script down here...

Trigger Intended Assignment: Mobiles
Trigger Type: Receive , Numeric Arg: 100, Arg list: None
   if %object.vnum%=1305
     wait 1
     say THANK YOU! Here is the key I promised you.
     %load% obj 1306
     wait 2
     %echo% Gollgar scratches his head.
     say I know it's here somewhere.
     wait 2
   %echo% Gollgar opens up a drawer.
     say Ah. Here it is! Room #5. Just follow the plaques on the walls.
     wait 1
   say %actor.name% is the one I would give the Key to.
     say Thanks again for getting back my harmonica. I hope it didn't cause
you any trouble.

Now my name is demortes on the mud, and every time, the key is given, it
try's to give it to me. Although the script don't show the key being given,
I tried something that will show just who it will be given to, so i put in
that say command. No matter who does it so far, I found that it just uses my
name. Whats goin on here? Anyone know?
Loving Kilara, and you know I love every moment of this.

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