Re: write protecting syslog

From: Tom Whiting (
Date: 02/25/02

On Mon, 2002-02-25 at 00:37, Kras Kresh wrote:
> Before, the syslog was write protected during game play.
> Now, it is not. I need to know why.
> Would it have anything to do with my umask when the file is "touched"?
> Or would it have anything to do with some system stuff changed?
> It is still linux... I just ./configure'd a few times because of changes.
> Maybe it's the conversion to bpl20?
Write protection means you (as a user) can NOT write to the file. What
sense is there having a file (syslog especially) that you can't write
to. None.
Logs aren't meant to be set so that they can't be written to. In fact,
logs HAVE to be written to by your own account (if not, then who is
keeping the logs neh?).
It most obviously was NOT  write protected during game times, as logs
are kept for things such as, well, logging in, certain logged actions,
etc.  Had it been u-w it would have never started the game at all.
Again, if something need to be written to, don't touch it. Syslogs NEED
to be written to, so you defeat the purpose by chmod'ing them as such.

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