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From: paolo greco (drbwana@tin.it)
Date: 02/26/02

>As a system administrator myself, I've only got that to say.
>First off, running ANYTHING non daemon related as root is a big old no
>no. Even running daemons (as root) shouldn't be done.. that's stuff that
>should be done @ startup Why? Well, do you WANT your system to be
>hacked?? **cough**
I am a sysadmin too.
I ran circle as a root ONCE in my life.
Well, i was logged as root to do some admin jobs and i forgot to logout
to my user before running circlemud.
On my first linuxbox, about 3 years ago.
Have you ever did something like that when you was a linux-newbie?
I know that running programs as root can be unhealty for your system..
Excuse me for the dumb e-mail I've sent, please.
George, I would like to know when (if ever) in "standard" circle the
room array will become a room list.
  Paolo Greco

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