Re: write protecting syslog

From: Mysidia (
Date: 02/26/02

> You have mistaken what I was saying. I was saying write protecting from
> users on the system meaning it is read-only for all except the mud.
> Before, if I pressed a key while in edit, it would say that file is
> read-only. Now, it is modifiable.

You mean all except the mud user?

Make sure your umask is 027 or 077
you can make a file writable only by the owner with:

chmod o-w filename
chmod g-w filename

You can't make a file read-only to the owner and still use it
for logging purposes.

If you're trying to prevent someone you've given access to
your mud account from tampering with logs, forget it,
it won't work (there are a bazillion nasty things they can
do without incurring logs -- the owner of the file is privileged
and there are numerous ways file owner can go about anything)

There's no way to deny the user running the mud the privilege to
do anything and everything the mud server is able to do.

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