From: Kevin Dethlefs (Demortes@msn.com)
Date: 02/28/02

Somewhere in the code is attaching the name automatically before the title.
You see, my coder is trying to make a function to where you can put your
name in your title, and it justs stay's there. He can't find it, and niether
can I (which isn't a bit suprising, I'm too new to coding), anyway. I will
give you an example.

>title The dark master, Demortes

Then my title on who and in rooms should be 'The dark master, Demortes'. But
it is currently 'Demortes The dark master, Demortes' How do i get rid of the
first 'demortes'?
Loving Kilara, and you know I love every moment of this.

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