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From: Welcor (
Date: 03/01/02

From: "Bejhan Jetha" <nhlstar6@YAHOO.COM>
> I'm using cygwin and I want it to create a core file everytime my MUD
> crashes so it's easier for me to track down the problem. Right now I only
> get a stack dump and I'm not sure about core files but I know they have to
> do with the gdb command in cygwin.
Sorry, no can do. The windows architecture doesn't support
regular core dumps, and the stackdump is - to my knowledge - useless
for debugging, with gdb, anyway.

However, try running the mud _through_ gdb. this will give the same effect:

gdb bin/circle
<snip startup info>

Now, if you crash the mud by making a Seg fault or otherwise, you will be
sent to the gdb prompt, and have all the available data at hand.

For more info on gdb, check out the CircleMud FAQ:


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