Re: [NEWBIE] Circle + Windows98 = Problems

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 03/03/02

>I've recently downloaded circle30bpl20, and am attempting to run it
>on a Win98 system. I've been fooling around with the smaug and rot
>codebases on my computer for a year or so, but I have never
>attempted to run a circle mud. For that matter, I've never even
>PLAYED a circle mud. But I wanted to see what it's like, so I got
>the codebase. Anyways, back to my problem.
>I'm using the most recent version of Cygwin to compile, which is
>working fine. However, when I attempt to run circle.exe, it gives me:
>SYSERR: Fatal error changing to data directory: No such file or directory
>Now I assume all I need to do is make a data directory somewhere. I
>figured instead of blindly making 'data' directories in the circle
>directory and sub directories in the hopes that I'd find where it
>goes, I'd ask here. Thanks =c)
>- Kelven

Hello Kelven,

In the base directory where you have installed Circle there should be
a directory called lib, and if there is, then you need to specify
that as a command line argument when you run circle, with the -d
option (place it last in the command line arguments).

Kind regards,


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