Adding in Races to Del's Bundle

From: Abraham Dizon (
Date: 03/04/02

Hi everyone! Okay I got a problem. I am using Del's Bundle. Wait let me
clear some stuff first.

OS: Windows 95
Compiler: Cygwin
Version: Bundle18b (Del's Bundle)

Okay there we go :P. Now the problem. I am currently adding in races at the
moment. I came up to a part in adding races in db.c:

GET_CLASS(ch) = st->class;
st->class = GET_CLASS(ch);

For some reason I never found these two. I did a grep GET_CLASS in db.c but
didn't find these lines. Also I am adding in firearms for all you that read
my messages and still doing so hehe. The reload command is bothersome.
Anyways any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks. If you have done this
before on Del's Bundle. Show me how to do it right. I know that this part in
db.c is the main part I have to put in.

- Hero

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