Re: [SEMI-NEWBIE/LONG] Cycling a linked list for characters

From: Cris Jacobin (
Date: 03/04/02

On Monday, March 4, 2002, at 07:45 PM, Welcor wrote:
> From: "Surgeon" <webremedies@CA.INTER.NET>
>>     I am currently in the process of "trying" to make one of my first
>> snippets for the CircleMUD community, but running into a bit of
>> problems
> in
>> terms of cycling an object for more than one char.


All of what Welcor suggested is correct so I won't repeat what was
already said. It all it comes down to standard linked list management
attached via the object's struct.  One point of confusion will likely be
display of various 'positions' while a char  is within a 'container'.

Here's how we implemented it at CrodoMud.

[30140] On Lake Skeldrach [ Water (No Swim): NOBITS ]
    You float aimlessly on Lake Scheldrach.  Skeldrach is a peaceful
lake, one
with a tainted past.  A pillar was erected in the center of the lake
it's tale.
[ Exits: n e s w d ne nw se sw ]
A small boat handled by it's crew floats here.
Seated in a fishing boat are -
     the young fisherman (sleeping), the knight (resting), yourself.

Other suggestions...

-Hijack the action descriptions for use on your containers.   Use to
display separate descriptions when the container is empty/has people in
-Make sure you follow all possible courses, object being
destroyed/moved/reloaded via a zone comand.  Sit and stand obviously
aren't enough to look at.
-It's easy to add a few hooks into the movement code and turn it into a
flexible vehicle system besides just chairs and tables.

-Muerte of CrodoMud

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