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From: Zerin (
Date: 03/05/02

--- Stephen Fischer <> wrote:
> For a mud that is my first, is circle the best
> codebase to do it on? I am
> going to change all the room desc, items, and spells
> and all that stuff, but
> would it be easier in some other codebase? Oh, and
> is the latest build fully
> opperational? and if so, what free compiler would be
> the simplest to use? so
> many questions... hmm. Anyway, it'd all be great to
> know.
> -Prozak

Hello "Prozak",

I can assist you with most all questions by giveing
you the following links (which appear at the end of
all mailing list posts):



Newbie List:

Many of your questions are considred "newbie"
questions, which either:
> Should have a [NEWBIE] tag in the subject
> or should be on the newbie list, which again is

Newbie List:

As far as asking is CircleMUD a good codebase, its
one of the bests imo.  Easy to edit, easy to use, and
has a menu based olc (if you install oasis olc)

Far as compiling you it, you will need a server in
order for it to run.  Just not a web server, but a
server for muds/ircs etc, that gives you shell
access to a full linux box.  If you plan on hosting
it yourself, be ready for some headaches.  If you
need help with compiling, read the faq it tells you
of a free win32 compiler.  Linux/Unix come with one
called "gcc" built into most builds.

"The bard that could"

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