Re: [NEWBIE] To serve or not to serve

From: John Martira (
Date: 03/06/02

Alex Wrote:

>>when you start circlemud, it is now running (as a server no less).
>>Seriously.  it's that easy.

It's amusing how things that are said can be interpreted
in a number of ways, tho I think fault lies mostly in the
use of the Ill-suited English language.

I took his question to be concerning the physical server.


I have a 1Ghz Pentium 3, 512MB RAM, 10GB Hard disk, machine
running Linux. It's sole purpose is to Host my MUD.

This is my dedicated MUD server.

This is the preferred method of everyone in my "circle" of

Although I have heard of MUD hosting services, I've just never
looked into it.


"From a thought to a thought, I was led to a thought.
 From a realization to a philosophy, I was made a God."

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