Re: houses and objects

From: Zerin (
Date: 03/09/02

--- Zeus <> wrote:
> The first is with the houses that I build.
>  Whenever I turn off the mud and I open again, all
> the objects of the house disappear and the door
> (that was locked) it opens up.
> Are there any "room flag" that makes the objects to
> continue at the house after turning off the mud?

I do belive that all you speak of here is part of the
zone commands.  (In olc this would be Zedit and in
manual text file building it would the the *.zon
Zome commands are the ones that:
> Load objects
> Load mobs
> Lock doors
> open/closes doors

If you are refering to the houses where a player has
to build, then you need to make sure all the house
flags are set.  I'm pretty sure it is something
simular to: HOUSE_SAVE or something of that nature.

If you want doors to lock, don't forget the key object
also, or else it will be a forever locked door.


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