Re: [AD] Arcane Realms Snippets

From: Zerin (
Date: 03/10/02

--- Mike Stilson <mike@VELGARIAN.SYTES.NET> wrote:
> Hideously unsafe, actually.
> Why not just do something simple like this?
> lib/etc/sql_cnf:
> db:mud
> user:mudadmin
> passwd:easy2hack
> host:localhost
> then something like:
> --- mailer code ---
> [snip code snip]

Why not go a step further? Why not put it in a
directory where noone but the people that know the
password already can open it? (People that know
the password: Head Admin, Head Coder, etc.)

Somehow, give only the mud, and the people that need
to see the file permission to open it.  That way
if someone was really insane enough to want to
get the password, they would have to go one step
further to get it.

I'm not exactly two sure of how to do this, since
the last time I messed with Linux was roughly
3 months ago, but I do belive you could set up
a permission system like that.

Just an idea....


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