Re: [AD] Arcane Realms Snippets

From: Artovil (
Date: 03/10/02

At 13:22 2002-03-10 -0800, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:
>All of that said, the separate configuration file is probably still worth
>doing for (no other reason than) flexibility.  It's nice to be able to
>change things without having to recompile and having different executables
>for different configurations.

Oh, this I already have.  The database name can be changed through the
command line as well, so I can run different ports on different databases
without having to recompile.  But I am doing the config file, I based it on
the simple loading in the ascii pfile load_char.

Also; I read in most number configuration values in config.c from MySQL, so
I can alter these from the web or inside the mud and just reload them.

I will post the working function later.


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