OLC Saves

From: Bejhan Jetha (nhlstar6@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 03/13/02

Okay my problem is with medit save, oedit save, ect. When I type:

medit save <arg>

or any of the other saves it defaults to 0. What I mean by defaults to 0 is
for example I type:

medit save 3

and I get the message:

Saving all mobiles in zone 0.

On the log I get:

Mar 13 18:18:25 :: GenOLC: 'world/mob/0.mob' saved, 1239 bytes written.
Mar 13 18:18:29 :: OLC: Chaos saves mobile info for zone 0.
Mar 13 18:18:29 :: SYSERR: remove_from_save_list: Saved item not found.

I think that's the main problem but I don't really know what to do.


OS: Windows 2000 Proffesional
Compiler: Cygwin
OLC Patch: OasisOLCv2.0.1-bpl18.patch.gz

If anyone could help thank you.

- Bejhan Jetha

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