[NEWBIE] Compiling with BorlandC++ 3.1

From: Shane P. Lee (tacodog21@yahoo.com)
Date: 03/13/02

Hey guys, I'm baack!

I've been messing around with a friend's computer and
decided to download the latest Circle source (bpl20 already?
WTG George!) and see what I could do with it.
The only compiler I could find after rummaging through my old
discs was an outdated Sam's TYC with Borland C++ 3.1 on it.
Okay, so I go through the motions, renaming conf.h and
Makefile.bcc and then set my path.
When I go ahead and try to make, I get an error, here's what it
all looks like, sorry 'bout the spammy stuff:

MAKE version 3.6 Copyright(c) 1992 Borland International

Available memory 30793728 bytes

        Copy MAKE0038.$$$ bccw32.cfg
        1 files(s) copied
        Bcc32 +Bccw32.cfg -P- -c @MAKE0001.$$$
Bad command or filename
Fatal: 'act.comm.c' does not exist - don't know how to make it

Now if that ain't a load of crud.
Most of the time, when I saw that message in gcc, it
was because I forgot to add the file name to the Makefile,
however this time I'm using the stock version of Makefile
for Borland.
Is there a quick fix for this, or should I break down and
borrow MVC++6.0 from a buddy?


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