resolving hostnames

From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 03/15/02

From Zerin's "Mud Buffer and Missing Ticks" message, I started to remember
the lag we used to have from the gethostbyaddr() in my MUD. I've disabled it
for a while now, but I want the host addrs back now. I So checked out the
patches on the circle ftp. I noticed that some deleted the cache file after
its done while others just leave it there and do a search in the file. If it
deletes the file, the hostname of a second person connecting to the mud will
not be resolved if the first one takes a while to process. But if it just
leaves the file alone, it will get big and will lag on every connection
eventually. Those are just some problems with using one file.

Wouldn't it be smarter to use that function... I don't remember what it is
called, but it creates a tmp file in the /tmp directory. With a tmp file
created for each connection, there would be no problem with reading and
writing to it.

If someone notices a problem with this, please tell me.

Oh, does anyone know what function that is???

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