Re: group sex

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 03/16/02

Kras Kresh Wrote:
>I need a solution for fixing this while parsing the string in perform_act().
>Is there a simple solution? Checking for those "is", "was", "isn't",
>"wasn't", etc and replacing them... else check for "will", "would", "can",
>"could", etc and continuing... else check for 's' at last letter of next
>word and remove it. I guess that isn't too hard, but its not very fun to
>play with string pointers. Help would be appreciated.

Wouldn't it be a good idea just to add another macro that checks the
him/her/they and accordingly prints out the right word?  Perhaps
safer than parsing the strings themselves?  That might lead to
several macros, well, just a suggestion.


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