Re: [NEWBIEish][CODE][LONG] defining racial size

From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 03/22/02

>From: Owen Brodal-Robertson <obr@HISPLACE.NET>
>Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 09:05:44 GMT

>I've implemented races in my code (working fine), but wanted
>to implement racial sizes i.e. Gnomes are small, elves are
>medium, etc etc.
>My problem is after mirroring code from class.c and races.c
>sizes assigned to mobs seem to be totally random, when I do a
>stat on a player the Size value never matches what should be
>the assigned size based on the player's race.

>Whenever I roll a character and stat them, I get a random
>result from Size: <whatever>
>For instance, I rolled a gnome, who when applying real_abils
>has "GET_SIZE(ch) = SIZE_SMALL " in the code, I get
>"Size: [Microscopic]" which is 2 below SIZE_SMALL.

Why would you change the size of a player when your roll them?
That is illogical. It will always stay the same since all you change is the
str, dex, int, etc.

Maybe your problem is your array for [Microscopic]. Maybe you didn't set it
up right according to your defined sizes. I don't see anything else that can
be the problem unless you installed something races wrong.

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