Re: [AD?] New Java version of CircleMUD

From: Shay (
Date: 03/24/02

At 06:50 PM 3/23/2002 Saturday, you wrote:
>On Sat, 23 Mar 2002, Shay wrote:
>> I've taken the code for Circle, and converted alot of it into Java.
>I'm not sure whether I'm shocked or horrified[1]...  If it were a week
>later, I wouldn't take this seriously.

>> Each player has there own interactive thread so theres no lag time
>> because of more players, just because the server is too small/slow..
>Multithreading in this way is *less* scalable than Circle's multiplexer,
>not *more* as your comment indicates.  Threads are expensive, even if your
>JVM is smart enough to use green threads (as opposed to native ["actual"]
>threads).  Their primary use in networking servers is for computationally
>expensive processing, which Muds don't need to do on a per-connection

It depends on how you setup the threads and how much you keep static.
The threads in most part ARE used for computationally expensive processing.
I'll admit that not every turn requires computation, but when it comes to things
like battles, they can be.

>You might consider looking into the NIO[2] class library, which was
>introduced in Java 2 SDK 1.4 and supports multiplexing.

I have considered this actually.  The problem is that its still extremely new.  My main goal
at this point was to get a version up and running.  At that point I can start adjusting
things performance wise.  NIO is probably the first thing I will venture into.

>[1] I think Java's an ugly language.

Funny, I think C is ugly..  but it does have many advantages over Java.  Java on the other
hand is very modular and the way I've designed the game allows for easier additions than
you can get with C.  Plus, I just like coding, and this was something I thought I'd tackle.
I spose I could have gone in the direction of C#, but then we'd have an entirely different
conversation.. ;)

Thanks for the input,

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