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Date: 03/25/02

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: Will patching/using snippets be easier if I use MSVC 6.0
: instead of borland c++ 5.01? Don't get me wrong, I'm not
: trying to get there the easy way, it's just that I notice
: that more people use msvc rather then borland.


The short answer: probably not.

If you're talking about applying patches, there's likely no difference,
based on two points:

1.  You should be hand-patching, and
2.  The `diff' and `patch' programs have nothing to do with either of

Neither of those development tools above address either of these issues.
You can find free Windows versions of the diff/patch applications, if
that's the problem, but it'd save you a lot of future trouble if you're
seeing everything that happens to your source code as you develop it.

Since you wanted a quick answer, I'm not going to rant further.  :)


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