Re: [REQUEST][LONG] Best way to revamp spells/skills?

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 04/02/02

On 02-04-02 17.32, "Owen Brodal-Robertson" <obr@HISPLACE.NET> wrote:

> So my question is, has anyone tried this before with the
> circle codebase? If so can I have some example code? I am
> capable of writing it all myself, however my current thoughts
> leave me with a very unorganized and messy codebase.
> Thanks,
> Owen B-R.

Yep, we have a skill system at Arcane Realms that runs completely on skill
usage, without levels.  If you give me specific questions of how we did
stuff, in a private email, I can send you some snippets and explain how we
did it, but I will not send you the entire system as it is rather
unorganized as of now, not being fully complete.  The function that handle
gains is not written yet, but that is the easiest part.


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