[AD] Dnal needs your help!

From: Kevin Dethlefs (Demortes@msn.com)
Date: 04/03/02

I am in great need for those interested in building for a medieval themed
MUD, we will be Hack-and-slash, and RolePlaying. If you would like to write
the background story, please let me know, and I will see on what we can do.
Anything you would like to do, we most likely have open. If you don't want
to dedicate yourself, please, don't bother applying. I really need builders!
I have an abundance of coders, most of which are newbies in certain ways, so
if you would like to code, and can do a great job of it, please come and do
so. We have enough ideas to keep you busy for months, unless you're really
quick. I want quality work. I don't know what else to say, besides the host
name and the port. dnal.ath.cx port 9000. Please, if you have any interest,
and think that that interest will stay there, come work for us.

Totally crazy (and loving every minute of it),

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