Re: Languages, HELP!

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/03/02

        Just a divergent thread on the topic of languages; I reccomend,
very strongly, that you allow everyone to have 'common' as a language.

        I've seen this done before where your language is only your racial
language, and the imms online actually have ALL emotes posted in their
channels; they'll kick you off if you emote 'says, "goddamn, I can't
understand a frigging thing anyone is saying"'.

        After getting warned for it once, I quit.  It added nothing to the
game except complications, and forced players to use outside-of-the-game
systems to communicate without actually being banned.

        That means they don't use your system, and they aren't as
entrenched in your game, because you force them not to be.

        So, languages might be a fun play toy, but don't actually use them
to limit player interaction.


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